Performance, Reprogrammed.

Agile, Scrum, Lean, Kanban, SAFe®, Resilient, Resourceful, and Effective for Over a Decade

Focused on sustainable change, BERTEIG harnesses the humanity of business to power your groups to be more resilient, resourceful and effective.

For the past decade, BERTEIG coaches have helped hundreds of organizations launch Enterprise Agility initiatives across the globe.

By developing a deep understanding of how your groups operate, BERTEIG uncovers clear growth avenues, propelling your business back to industry leadership.

Berteig Services

  • Training

    Inspiring learning events that provide insight, skill and knowledge.

  • Strategy

    Evaluating the effectiveness of your current direction and creating an optimized game plan for your future.

  • Coaching

    Supporting your leaders, managers and staff to achieve their goals.

  • Consulting

    Customized services to help transform your organization’s culture.

REALagility Assessment

Find out where your team ranks in:

Improvement Culture

How well do your people take the initiative to improve?

Focus Culture

Can your people focus on their work without task switching or interruptions?

Urgency Culture

Do your people care about delivering results now and not later?

Vision Culture

Are the people in your company united around a common vision?

Teamwork Culture

Do your people share a strong mutual commitment?

A 10-minute assessment for your organization.
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