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Berteig provides free Agile advice with our Real Agility Newsletter, Scrum Insight online tool, on our blog, and on our World Mindware YouTube channel.


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SCRUM INSIGHT – Objective Scrum coaching advice customized to your team.

For over 5 years in our consulting practice we have been developing and using a sophisticated analysis tool that provides us with insight about how Scrum teams are functioning and how they can be helped.  Scrum Insight now embodies that experience, wisdom and knowledge and makes it accessible to Scrum teams around the world without any cost!  Check out Scrum Insight, fill in the online survey, and get a valuable report with specific, customized, objective advice on how to improve your Scrum team.


For 15 years, Agile Advice has featured articles in topics such as Scrum, Kanban, Extreme Programming, Lean Software Development, OpenAgile, as well as other topics related to transformation, teams and management.  More than a one thousand articles highlight various aspects of applying the power of Real Agility to teams, organizations and corporations.  This multi-authored blog includes major contributions from Mishkin Berteig and Travis Birch, as well as numerous guests including Jeff Sutherland, Alistair Cockburn and Mike Bowler.

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BERTEIG’s newest offering of free Agile advice is our World Mindware YouTube channel.  Mishkin Berteig has also just started a “Scrum Myths” video series.  More will come soon!  Here are three of our first videos:



Berteig’s Real Agility Program: Transforming People, Process, and Culture

Note: we also have an active, growing Facebook group for general Scrum discussion.