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Scrum Insight: The Ultimate Scrum Reference

An in-depth exploration of the rules of Scrum and how to apply them written by Mishkin Berteig who has worked with hundreds of Scrum teams since 2003.

This e-book has 258 pages packed with practical advice and can be used as a reference by Scrum Masters of any level of experience.

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Link: It’s Time to Kill Performance Reviews

For many years, folks in the Agile community have been recommending that performance reviews be eliminated from the corporate world.  In 2005 while coaching at Capital One, I remember many […]

If Your Up-Front Planning is Measured in Weeks, Then a Lean Startup is Going to Eat Your Lunch

Title inspired by Michael James…see below. One of the most powerful assumptions built in to Agile methods is that we learn by doing — that our learning, our planning, our […]

Visualizing Process Cycle Efficiency with LEGO

In-depth article here: Using Lego[sic] to capture raw data for Cycle Time and Process Cycle Efficiency. From the article: The typical way to collect baseline numbers for these metrics is to […]

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The training was great. Very informative and interactive. The BERTEIG team has mastered that art of online learning, you will not be bored. Definitely recommend.

Antoinette Boachie, Consultant, Agile Sales & Marketing, CIBC, October 07, 2020


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