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As a manager, you need to do more with less.

AI tools and techniques are ideally suited to help you.

Join the mastermind and leverage AI to achieve more with less.

Save time, save money, reduce stress, deliver more.

Join Mishkin Berteig and his colleagues for demos, insights, discussion, show-and-tell, and learning.

  • Shift your mindset to embrace AI tools.
  • Learn basics and advanced techniques.
  • Discover the rapidly-changing strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats from AI.
  • Exclusive focus on management and leadership concerns.

WEEKLY Zoom calls with peers.

Share and learn from each other.

Access amazing resources you can share with your staff.

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LIMITED BONUS OFFER: bundled personal, early-access subscription to Max Good, AI Coach (Alpha version, available starting April 1, 2023).

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You must be a manager with direct reports to join the BERTEIG AI Mastermind for Managers. You must also agree to the following simple code of conduct:

  • you will always bring value to the Mastermind through service or growth,
  • you will uphold the two primary objectives: to make work more effective and to improve work environments,
  • you will keep the discussions of the Mastermind confidential unless given direct written permission to do otherwise.

Your subscription may be refused or cancelled at any time by BERTEIG Consulting Inc. either individually or as a result of the Mastermind being concluded. You may cancel your subscription at any time.

Check out this video of Mishkin Berteig presenting some valuable lessons about using ChatGPT to help you as a manager, plus a brief introduction to the Max Good, AI Coach product.

Save time, save money, reduce stress, deliver more.

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US$99/month early-access pricing

About Mishkin Berteig, CEO and Chief Scientist

Mishkin Berteig’s lifelong fascination with learning, intelligence, and education started in 1979. His passion for artificial intelligence was ignited by reading books like “The Emperor’s New Mind” and “Gödel, Escher, and Bach”. He experimented with early AI concepts by creating simple software simulations of artificial life and implementations of the back-propagation algorithm for neural networks in the late 80’s.

In the late ’90s, Mishkin worked with early Natural Language Processing tools for website analysis and later developed two industry-specific expert systems: “Scrum Insight” and the “Real Agility Culture Assessment”. Throughout his professional life, he has been involved in various AI/ML projects.

For most of the past two decades, Mishkin has been dedicated to helping managers and their teams improve through the use of Agile methods such as Scrum and Kanban. He has worked closely with a multitude of global organizations to help them improve their way of working.

Inspired by prompt design experiments with OpenAI in mid-2022, Mishkin founded Max Good, AI Coach on August 31st, 2022. He is dedicated to advancing humanity by combining spiritual principles with technology in work environments.