Why Change is a Good Thing

February 14, 2020
2 minute read

Change is not a bad word. Sure, it can be scary. But it doesn’t have to be.

We as Agile coaches often ask the question, what’s the level of urgency? Why change? Why now?

In the I.T. business, at least 70 percent of organizations have adopted some sort of Agile method or are at least looking at it. Now, it’s a question of whether it’s appropriate and when it’s appropriate.

If an organization is doing really well, then the urgency for change is very low. However, if the competitive environment is strong and the business is in jeopardy, then the urgency is higher.

In that case, the organization needs to be more flexible and responsive to its customers. It needs to embrace a spirit of positive change in order to adapt.

I haven’t seen a lot of organizations or individuals that don’t want to change.

Change is really about discovering new things.

Everyone likes to learn new things. And wherever we go as coaches and trainers, the people we work with always find something new and interesting to do in the organization. Something that is a fit for them.

When organizations are bringing us in, either to coach their legacy teams or as part of a larger Agile transformation, their appetite for change is already there. We don’t really have to do much.

What they’re looking for is someone with experience to help them guide the necessary change in a way that’s really efficient and effective. We help them to avoid the same mistakes others have made along their journey through change. It’s fine that those mistakes were made, but let others make them and not the organization that we’re working with.

People just want to learn something new.

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