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Corporate and Enterprise Customized Certified Agile Leadership® Private Training

Advanced education for leaders, executives and change agents creating Agile environments. Graduates will receive the Certified Agile Leadership (CAL 1)® designation from Scrum Alliance®.

  • 16 PDUs | 16 SEUs
  • 2-year membership with Scrum Alliance®
  • Agile Advice ebook, estimation cards, and more
  • Registered Education Provider with Scrum Alliance® and PMI

Praise for Our Certified Agile Leadership® Training

Insightful, engaging, practical.

Community Organizer, March 2017

Game changing...

Technology Delivery, March 2017

Provides another perspective to leadership journey. Topics were informative, insight into providing ‘invitations.’

Exec. Director Software Development, March 2017

Inspirational, mind/soul-searching.

Senior Manager, March 2017

I liked the fluid, agile structure/execution of the course, adapting to the needs of the audience at hand.

Agile Coach, January 2017

Enlightening, amazing, refreshing.

Director, January 2017

Enlightening, enabling, inspiring.

Senior Project Manager, January 2017

It helped me recognize how connected everything is in my organization...tailored information to the group's needs.

Program Manager, January 2017

...deep, compassionate, freeing.

Agile Coach , January 2017

Declaring the info and insights were optional helped to create openness.

Team Developer, January 2017

Amazing, life changing, mind opening...

Director Agile COE, November 2016

Be ready to let go of the idea of finding 'one answer.'

Manager, November 2016

Inspiring, Humbling, Overdue. I found the following valuable: VAST (vulnerability, Authentic connection, safety, trust) model, communications, and focus. Excellent facilitator, fearless, makes it look easy, practices what he preaches.


Inspiring - revealing - growing.

Agilist, November 2016

Powerfully awakening and inspirational for my personal journey.

Agile Lead , November 2016

Pure magic!

Agile Coach, September 2016

Enlightening, inspiring, energizing.

CTO & Co-Founder , September 2016

I gained the value of wholeness, safety and trust in an organization.

CTO, September 2016

Effective, Relevant, Informative. I learned how to initiate transformation to move towards high performance. In particular, the VAST model (Vulnerability, Authentic Connection, Safety and Trust) was valuable.


Thought-provoking, Clarifying, Motivational. I gained deep insights into my desire for change vs. my organization’s. I now have a clearer view of the role of the leadership team, the negative organizational impact of well-intentioned efforts and on the role of Agile.


Insightful. Collaborative. Engaging. Different models exist for culture which work for different companies. We can choose what aspect of each that will work for us.

QA Manager

Educational. Insightful. Interesting. It was engaging and cooperative. I now understand non-traditional org structures.

Sr. Manager UI Dev

Active, Engaging, Open. The culture of our firm is a key driver. There are opportunities of change for the good. I liked the interaction, open discussions and mix of activities.


Engaging, Enlightening, A-HA moments. We went beneath the surface to get the true culture change. Employee engagement is the secret sauce.

Culture Enthusiast (Yes, that's her official title)

I think that the training session will cause a fundamental shift in our company, which has been long overdue, and that it will ultimately result in a much healthier organization (or organism depending on how deeply you want to think about it). I believe that it will cause us all (leads) to make space for others so that there is room for each person to grow and flourish.

VP Business Systems

Learning Outcomes

By successfully completing this course you will be able to:

  • Foster organizational growth
  • Lead effectively
  • Help others


We create a highly interactive, dynamic training environment. Each of you are unique – and so is each training. Although the essentials will be covered in every class, you will be involved in shaping the depth and focus of our time together. Each learning module is treated as a User Story and we will co-create a unique learning journey that supports everyone’s needs.

Who This Is For

Our Tailored Teaching Is Made For:

  • Berteig Alumni – If you loved our training, see your entire team experience it and level-up together.
  • Larger Groups – If you have over 50 employees driving towards the same goals.
  • New Team Dynamics – Uniting new people and teams to accomplish timely goals.
  • When Privacy is Paramount – When privacy is a top concern with active projects.
  • Critical Project – When your team is responsible to deliver on a critical project with confidence.

Specialized Private Training

By Profession

  • Agility for Audit & Compliance
  • Agility for Business Analytics
  • Agility for Human Resource Teams
  • Agility for Legal
  • Agility for Project Managers
  • Agility for Sales
  • Agility for Testers
  • Agility for Finance

By Industry

  • Automotive
  • Banking
  • Construction & Building
  • Education
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • Insurance
  • Non-Profit
  • Oil and gas
  • Shipping & Transportation
  • Tech

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Benefit from one of Canada’s only Advanced Certified Scrum Master Training available in Canada.

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Develop situational analysis with real-life issues your organization is encountering in the privacy of a private group.

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Over a decade of coaching and curriculum development has resulted in thousands of successfully trained Canadians, coast to coast.

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Breakaway from basic training with engaging, stimulation-oriented exercise available in many of our courses.

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BERTEIG Loyalty Program

At BERTEIG, we believe that continuous lifelong learning is a key element to success and achieving excellence.

We developed the BERTEIG Loyalty Program to encourage our clients to develop a culture of continuous learning. The more people you train, the more money you save (simple)!

The discount level you reach by the end of the calendar year is maintained for another full calendar year. As soon as you reach the minimum number of registrations for the next level, you move up and enjoy greater discounts.

The BERTEIG Loyalty Program is available for both Public and Private training.

Starter Program

3 people

Momentum Program

10 people

Accelerate Program

20 people

Enterprise Program

40 people

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