Congratulations to BERTEIG's Licensed Scrum Trainer Jerry Doucett for leading the first ever public LSMPO in Canada and for getting a 5 star rating from every student in class.

Heather M. Timm, Product Owner VP of Technology & Licensed Scrum Program, Scrum Inc., February 2020

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Licensed Scrum Master and Product Owner® (LSMPO) Training from BERTEIG

  • Get certified as a Licensed Scrum Master® AND a Licensed Scrum Product Owner® in a single three-day Learning Event.
  • A critical part of a successful Scrum transformation is broader training of the teams to ensure that they share a common foundation of understanding, and know not just WHAT they are doing, but WHY as well.
  • Licensed Scrum classes from Scrum Inc® deliver a common language and knowledge base of the Scrum Framework.
  • Developed by Scrum co-founder Jeff Sutherland, Licensed Scrum classes have yet to be offered publicly—until now.
  • Our very own Jerry Doucett has been certified as the world’s first Licensed Scrum Trainer® outside of Scrum Inc®.

Upcoming Licensed Scrum Master and Product Owner® (LSMPO)

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    Licensed Scrum Master Product Owner® (LSMPO)

    14 to 16 APR 2020 - Toronto - Jerry Doucett

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    This 3-day course provides the ONLY combined Scrum learning event where you can learn the skills to be an effective Scrum Master and Product Owner in one session.

    Achieve both the Licensed Scrum Master® (LSM) and Licensed Scrum Product Owner® (LSPO) designation with Scrum Inc® by successfully completing this training and the online exams that are taken after the workshop (you will receive the links directly from Scrum Inc®).

    The Licensed Scrum Master Product Owner® (LSMPO) course is critical for a successful Scrum transformation. In this combined learning event you will learn how to support your Scrum team to share a common foundation of understanding, so they know not just WHAT they are doing, but WHY as well.

    - 21 PDUs | 21 SEUs (REP with Scrum Inc®, Scrum Alliance® and PMI)
    - Get certified as an LSM and LSPO in a single three-day Learning Event.
    - Scrum Inc® exam fee and 2-year membership included for both certifications
    - Licensed Scrum Master Product Owner® is endorsed by Scrum co-founder Jeff Sutherland
    - Access free BERTEIG 'Retrospectives' e-book and 'Agile Advice' e-book
    - No slides! In-depth simulation, classroom discussion, challenging learning environment
    - Free spiral bound notebook, estimation cards, post-it® notes and a BERTEIG Sharpie®

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    Official Scrum certification, developed and endorsed by Jeff Sutherland, the co-creator of Scrum.

    Scrum Inc.


    DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel: 108 Chestnut St, Toronto, M5G 1R3


    14 to 16 APR 2020 (3 days)


    09:00 AM to 05:00 PM (EST)

    Jerry Doucett

    Jerry Doucett

    VP Training Services, Senior Consultant and Instructor
    About Trainer
Jerry Doucett

Jerry Doucett VP Training Services, Senior Consultant and Instructor

Licensed Scrum Trainer, Accredited Kanban Trainer, Agile Transformation Expert, SAFe Program Consultant® and Enthusiastic Photographer
Jerry Doucett is an Agile transformation advisor with over 25 years of hands-on experience in software and process development initiatives. Jerry has proudly served on numerous enterprise transformations by focusing support on four key success pillars: cultivating in-house expertise on Lean and Agile practices, defining enterprise transformation strategies, building and delivering coaching and training programs, and developing effective relationships between business and IT.

Jerry’s Story

Teaching has always been a passion for me. I remember several of my primary school teachers saying I should consider being a teacher one day because I seemed to have an inclination for it. In high school I partnered a small start-up company where we taught computers and programming languages to youth on evenings and weekends. Much later during mid 1990’s I taught several University night school classes. I loved all of it, but at the time I never thought I’d actually end up working the front of a classroom.

My first exposure to Scrum was in 2008 as a Project Manager at MapInfo Corporation. There was considerable animosity between business and IT because of project issues so we decided to try Scrum in the hope of bringing business and IT together. Eighteen months later we had transformed most of the global organization (North America, Europe and Asia) by building a scaled system of interconnected Agile services and teams. In essence we were operating as Enterprise Agile Coaches and educators but we didn’t call it that – it’s just what we did.

In 2010 I became an Agile Practice Lead in the Royal Bank of Canada’s Agile Centre of Excellence where I spent about 1/2 of my time building and delivering training classes. This was where I realized I would be happy spending the rest of my career teaching Agility. While at RBC I taught Scrum and Agile classes to over 800 people globally which solidified my desire to teach Scrum and Agile for the rest of my career.

Over the next few years I taught and coached Scrum, Kanban, Lean and Agile at organizations like Telus, Canadian Tire, LoyaltyOne, and
Sick Kids Foundation. It was rewarding but I wanted more. Then in 2016 I had the fortune of becoming an instructor and coach at BERTEIG. It’s been a fantastic experience. I’ve delivered hundreds of classes to thousands of people and it’s been very rewarding working alongside many world-class Scrum instructors and learning from them.

This past January I added new height and breadth to my career when I became an Accredited Kanban Trainer (AKT) with Lean Kanban University. Since then it has been an honour to teach and certify people in Kanban as their eyes light up when they realize it is an alternate path to Agility.

The one thing that has always eluded me is to become a Scrum trainer for a globally recognized certification agency. Now that I’ve been awarded the Licensed Scrum Trainer (LST) designation with Scrum Inc. I feel I can finally provide a meaningful certification option and a balanced view of Agility by combining my own knowledge and teaching with the wealth of globally recognized experience at Scrum Inc. and BERTEIG. I’m really looking forward to where this new path may take me and how I may leverage it to help others achieve their own personal and professional learning goals and outcomes.

After decades working in the Software and IT industry I have finally found the sweet spot where I hope to finish my career – as an Agile trainer with the credentials to certify people with globally recognized agencies in Scrum and Kanban. Becoming a Licensed Scrum Trainer (LST) for Scrum Inc. has finally allowed me to achieve a goal I set almost 10 years ago and I am humbled by this opportunity to represent Jeff Sutherland and his team. Combining my LST status with my credential from Lean Kanban University as an Accredited Kanban Trainer (AKT) as well as my hands-on experience working in the industry for over 26 years should hopefully provide a balanced and well-rounded experience for any student that chooses to join me in a classroom or learning event.

Jerry Doucett is an Agile transformation advisor with over 25 years of hands-on experience in software and process development initiatives. Jerry has proudly served on numerous enterprise transformations by focusing support on four key success pillars: cultivating in-house expertise on Lean and Agile practices, defining enterprise transformation strategies, building and delivering coaching and training programs, and developing effective relationships between business and IT.

For over a decade Jerry has been supporting Agile transformation strategies. On numerous occasions he has served as an integral coach, mentor, advisor and team member on several enterprise transformation leadership teams including several companies with over 50,000 employees.

Jerry has developed and delivered Agile training for over 2,500 people in Canada and abroad. He has been teaching private Scrum classes under license for Jeff Sutherland and Scrum Inc. since 2016. His tailored materials include everything from introductions to advanced role-focused topics, and target audiences from junior team members to senior executives at multinational corporations. He has contributed many blog and online articles over the last few years, and his latest book (published October 2018) is “The Scrum Master Guide to Choosing Retrospective Techniques”.

Select Client List:

  • RBC Royal Bank of Canada, TD Bank, Royal Trust, Scotiabank, BMO
  • GFSA, London Life Insurance, Great West Life Insurance, Canada Life
  • Carbonite (EVault), Deloitte, TELUS, Canadian Tire, Pitney Bowes
  • LoyaltyOne (AirMiles Corporation), Sick Kids Foundation
  • MapInfo Corporation, ESI Canada, DigiMap, ExtenSys, General Motors
  • Hydro One, Toronto Hydro, North York Hydro, SPL Worldgroup

Certifications and Accreditations:

Accredited Kanban Trainer, Licensed Scrum Trainer, Kanban Management Professional

Scrum Alliance® Registered Education Provider, Certified Scrum Professional

Certified Scrum Master, Certified Scrum Product Owner, Certified Scrum Developer, Professional Scrum Master I

SAFe® Program Consultant, Project Management Professional

Prosci ADKAR® Change Management Professional

B.A.A, HONS, Applied Geography, Economics Minor, Ryerson University

Experience Summary

  • Over 25 years in software and process development initiatives
  • Over 15 years of applying project management practices
  • Over 9 years assisting organizations to leverage Agile and Lean approaches
  • Over 7 years assisting enterprise Agile transformations


“I wanted to acknowledge Jerry for his support and mentorship as he was pivotal as I on boarded to a new role within a new department and new Scrum team; a team newly formed and new to Agile. Jerry supported the team through training including User Story Writing and Agile estimation workshops among many. During team lift off Jerry identified that both road map and product backlog were missing from ‘delivering value’ stream and as a result we saw a team with constantly changing focus, a large number of product responsibilities and a lack of clarity on priorities. The Scrum process does facilitate changing priorities, but it doesn’t help the team adapt. This was an extremely challenging experience but a tremendous learning opportunity for me as I had guidance and gained key insights from this experienced Agile Enterprise Coach. I am fortunate to have been able to rely on Jerry’s leadership, experience and coaching. Thank you!” – Angeline Lim, Program Implementation Manager at Loyalty One


2018 – The Scrum Master Guide to Choosing Retrospective Techniques

Book Cover - The Scrum Master Guide to Choosing Retrospective Techniques

(Currently only available on in ePub format.  Click the image for more information.)


Kanban Case Study” – 20190121 – Private Event

Hire Jerry Doucett
Hire Jerry Doucett

Praise for BERTEIG Licensed Scrum Master and Product Owner® (LSMPO)

Jerry is an amazing teacher; very engaged with the participants and authentic. I loved the fact that there were no PowerPoint presentations, so the class flowed naturally as Jerry kept the focus with diagrams, handouts and valuable conversation. The presentation of the Scrum framework and related materials is complemented with real life examples and insights from Scrum co-founder Jeff Sutherland, which makes it very valuable... The exercises and conversations we had in the group fit perfectly with the learning. The simulation part was another delighter, as we got to experience Scrum hands-on. A group of people that have not met before formed a team, learned to self-organize, communicate, apply themselves in Scrum Master and Product Owner roles, had meaningful and productive conversations, adapted and improved in the span of two simulated sprints. While having fun with the activities and crafting! Jerry conducted the training with such ease, passion and professionalism, and above all always with a smile on his face even when answering complex questions. Although he makes it look so effortless and seems to make things happen very gracefully, we could all appreciate all the hard work that took place in preparing and delivering this new training. A very valuable end enjoyable experience all around, well done!

Gabriela Dinu, Director Quality Assurance, RLDatix, February 2020

The mixture of clear presentations and hands-on activities helped me to increase my understanding of Agile and Scrum practices. I look forward to applying this new learning in my work.

Ezra Hopkins, UX Lead, Paradem, February 2020

The LSMPO training course is perfect for anyone looking to understand the roles of Product Owner and Scrum Master and apply best practices from the founders of `{`Scrum`}` themselves. The course is completely interactive and engaging without relying on PowerPoint slides, which was a refreshing change from your typical training course. Highly recommended for anyone in the Agile world looking to apply true agility in the workplace, and dispel misconceptions that have been skewed over time.

Muhammad Kizilbash, Business Analyst, 407 ETR, February 2020

The class was very experiential and informative. Jerry was very knowledgeable on the subject and was always keen on clarifying any questions I had. This course will certainly help me perform in my role better.

Sibinath Nathan, Service Owner, Roche, February 2020

Learning Outcomes

By successfully completing this course you will be able to:

  • Remove obstacles that prevent teams from achieving high-performance.
  • Enable a team to follow the Scrum process to deliver great products and continuously improve their quality.
  • Describe Scrum to others including roles, meetings, artifacts & principles.
  • Identify the environments in which the application of Scrum would lead to excellent results.
  • Describe how the Scrum Framework is based on empirical process.
  • Fulfill the requirements of the Licensed Scrum Master® and Licensed Scrum Product Owner® programs.
  • Create and maintain a compelling product vision.
  • Build a ready Product Backlog and help the team to deliver on what is most important for the business.
  • Deliver the right product in the right order at the right time.
  • Embrace the roles of Scrum Master and Product Owner by being knowledgeable, available, and accountable.
  • Pass the Licensed Scrum Master® and Licensed Scrum Product Owner® test and earn your credentials.
jerry teaching


Day 1
Introduction to Scrum
Day 2
The Scrum Master role
Day 3
The Product Owner role

Who This Is For

Our Tailored Teaching Is Made For:

  • Project Managers – Transition your career with a certification backed by Jeff Sutherland, the founder of Scrum.
  • Team Leads – Control chaos in your team to deliver high quality, rapid results.
  • Agile Enthusiasts – Be the first to participate and get a new, fresh take on Scrum.
  • Berteig Alumni – If you loved our training, see your entire team experience it and level-up together.
  • Larger Groups – If you have over 50 employees driving towards the same goals.
  • New Team Dynamics – Uniting new people and teams to accomplish timely goals.
  • When Privacy is Paramount – When privacy is a top concern with active projects.
  • Critical Project – When your team is responsible to deliver on a critical project with confidence.

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