Agile Coaching

Real Agility DeliveryExisting Scrum Teams often need Agile coaching support to get to an effective level of performance.  The Real Agility Delivery Track has a light-weight Agile coaching solution for your Scrum Teams that provides great ROI. The key to getting to great levels of performance is the effective use of continuous improvement tools, and in particular, the Retrospective.  This 12-step program helps your existing Scrum Teams to get to that next level of performance.  Consider this a great alternative to traditional classroom training, for a similar price!

Scrum Team Coaching

What You Get

Your Scrum Teams and your ScrumMasters learn 18 new retrospective techniques[NOTE] and how to get the best results from them.  As well, your ScrumMasters learn how to facilitate any retrospective and create custom retrospective techniques.  You Scrum Teams advance in their ability to do continuous improvement activities to become more effective at delivering business results.

Agenda for Existing Scrum Teams

The Delivery Track for Existing Scrum Teams is done with each step performed weekly.  It is strongly recommended that your Scrum Teams switch to week-long Sprints during this program [NOTE].  Each step is 3 hours of on-the-job coaching time with one of our Real Agility Consultants.

Week One: Assess Current State

Real Agility Assessment Track for Enterprise AgilityTo start with, we need to understand the current conditions within a Scrum team.  After in-person introductions, our Real Agility Consultant will observe the Sprint Review and during the Retrospective, administer the ScrumInsight tool and the Real Agility Organizational Culture Assessment.  Combined, these assessments take a maximum of one hour.

Week Two: Basic Retrospectives

Basic Scrum CoachingExisting Scrum Teams often need to learn some basic techniques.  The Real Agility Consultant will facilitate these (suggested) retrospective techniques.

  • Check-In: “I’m In”
  • Reflection: “Mad, Sad, Glad”
  • Learning: “Remember the Future”
  • Planning: “+’s/Δ’s” with Dot Voting
  • Check-Out: “I’m Out”

Week Three: Basic Retrospectives

The ScrumMaster takes over and uses the same basic retrospective techniques taught in the previous week.  The Real Agility Coach observes and provides feedback on the ScrumMaster’s facilitation.

Scrum Coaching Handoff

Week Four: Intermediate Retrospectives

Intermediate Scrum CoachingDigging deeper for learning and continuous improvement can require the use of more in-depth tools.  The Real Agility Consultant returns to facilitate these (suggested) retrospective techniques for your Scrum Teams.

  • Check-In: “Retrospective Prime Directive”
  • Reflection: “Context Obstacles”
  • Learning: “SWOT”
  • Planning: “Starfish” with Clustering
  • Check-Out: “ROTI”

Week Five: Intermediate Retrospectives

Scrum Coaching HandoffThe ScrumMaster takes over again and repeats the intermediate retrospective techniques.  The Real Agility Consultant observes, provides feedback, and teaches the ScrumMaster basic retrospective follow-up techniques.  This helps ensure that your Scrum Teams will put the insights and plans into practice.  The focus here is on courage and encouragement.

Week Six: Advanced Retrospectives

Advanced Scrum CoachingThe Real Agility Consultant teaches five advanced retrospective techniques by helping the team to do them.  These techniques take more time so your Scrum Teams will need to allocate a larger block of time for this session.

  • Check-In: “Personal Story”
  • Reflection: “Skills Matrix”
  • Learning: “Team Success Factors”
  • Planning: “Cross-Training Plan” with Decider Protocol
  • Check-Out: “Appreciations”

Week Seven: Advanced Retrospectives

Scrum Coaching HandoffThe ScrumMaster takes over again and repeats the advanced retrospective techniques with some adaptations.  The Real Agility Coach observes, provides feedback, and introduces Kanban to support continuous improvement activities.

Weeks Eight to Eleven: Creating Custom Retrospectives

The Real Agility Consultant helps your ScrumMaster to create custom retrospective techniques.  Over the course of four sessions, various techniques will be applied to modify existing retrospective techniques and to create new, innovative retrospective techniques.  The following topics will guide this portion of the training:

  • Learning and Continuous Improvement
  • Team and Corporate Culture
  • Goal Setting
  • Facilitation Techniques (e.g. Timeboxing, Agendas)
  • Sources for Inspiration (books, web sites, etc.)
  • Alternative Retrospective Frameworks (e.g. Open Space)

Week Twelve: Wrap Up

The Real Agility Consultant administers a final retrospective with the Scrum Team Assessment and Real Agility Organizational Culture Assessment.  This provides a before and after comparison for your Scrum Teams.  The Real Agility Consultant and your ScrumMaster also provide mutual feedback and discuss next steps.

Real Agility Infographic


There are a few key logistical points that must be in place for this process to be effective.


The following list of conditions is in place in order to maximize your value from this Agile coaching program. If your Scrum Teams do not or can not meet these conditions, then we can provide a customized proposal for you.

  • team size is 12 or fewer including Scrum Master and Product Owner
  • on the scheduled days of this program, no more than one member of the Scrum Team is away on vacation and the Scrum Master is not on vacation for any of the days of the program
  • it is expected that the membership of the Scrum Team will be stable throughout the program
  • team members must be physically present for the sessions in a suitable private area
  • your Scrum Team is doing one-week long Sprints or can switch to this cadence
  • the retrospectives are private [YouTube] to the Scrum Team

Other Details

To ensure the success of this intensive Agile coaching program, please be aware:

  • sessions with our Real Agility Consultant can start at 9am or at 1:30pm and last for a maximum of 4 hours
  • we require a 40% deposit prior to scheduling dates
  • cancelled Agile coaching sessions, regardless of reason or notice will be billed
  • rescheduling a session is considered a cancellation
  • additional sessions beyond the twelve will be billed at our standard hourly rate


The specific techniques listed in the above agenda may be changed based on the following factors:

  • Your team has already used the technique(s) and would like to use different ones during the training
  • The Scrum Team Assessment and/or Real Agility Organizational Culture Assessment results indicate the use of different techniques
  • The Real Agility Coach may make last minute adjustments based on consultation with the ScrumMaster or the Scrum Team

If your existing Scrum Teams are doing 2, 3 or 4-week long Sprints and you have multiple teams working on the same product, we can accommodate longer Sprint length.  There will be a small premium charged for adjusting to the longer Sprints.

Other customizations may require the use of the full Real Agility Assessment Track prior to the engagement for the Delivery Track.