Performance, Reprogrammed.

Where Does Your Team Rank?

The REALagility Assessment is the first step in conquering your deepest financial and human challenges. The assessment uncovers the gaps between what leaders think and what staff think to return your organization to innovative market leadership. Using the assessment, Berteig gives you the data which shows you exactly what human hurdles are holding back your business.

There’s Truth in our Tools.

The report generated reveals the soul of your current culture, grounded in real, actionable data to improve on the problem areas unique to your organization.

Improvement Culture

How well do your people take the initiative to improve?

Urgency Culture

Do your people care about delivering results now and not later?

Teamwork Culture

Do your people share a strong mutual commitment?

Focus Culture

Can your people focus on their work without task switching or interruptions?

Vision Culture

Are the people in your company united around a common vision?

REALagility Results

Suncor’s mining department reduced rework and down time saving $50,000 over the course of a few hours and preventing the loss of over $1M of production.

Siemens delivery teams developed the capacity to complete work in two years instead of four with one third the staff.

Equitable Life of Canada’s time-to-market for IT projects was reduced from 4 months to just 2 weeks. Defect rates dropped down to zero.

Assessment Details

Time: The survey takes 10 minutes

For: Your entire organization or specific teams

When: You choose

How: Online

Results: A final report with ranking and recommendations

“I wish that Berteig had come to this group years ago… I don’t want to retire anymore!”

Chris, former Supervisor at Suncor

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