Forbes Benning

Forbes Benning Agile Coach and Trainer

Forbes Benning began using Agile methods in 2008 and wonders how he ever lived without it. Now Forbes wants to share that knowledge and experience with other teams.

Forbes has experience consulting, coaching, facilitating and team building in large enterprise settings. With a focus on Agile methods, Forbes is committed to helping transform people, process and culture in organizations.

Forbes Benning has helped projects succeed for 10 years before becoming a PMP in 2005. He then got certified as a ScrumMaster in 2008. Now he is dedicated to sharing this knowledge to help other teams succeed.

Forbes has worked as a ScrumMaster to assist teams in their adoption of Scrum. He has also assisted firms in the financial, gaming and automotive sector with their Agile transformations.

Assistance includes Agile teamwork, Agile project and product management, Agile consulting at the executive level and training.

Forbes has been a long-time volunteer with the PMI-SWOC.  He managed the organization of the regional PMI conference two years in a row in 2009 and 2010.

Experience Summary

Over 21 years helping projects succeed

Over 8 years experience helping teams adopt Scrum and other Agile methods

3 years of experience training teams and organizations on Scrum