James Steele

James Steele Senior Consultant

James is a seasoned Entrepreneur and Management Consultant with over two decades of information technology and business operations experience in the public and private sectors. James is recognized for his ability to work with organizations in helping them attain their objectives using incremental, evolutionary process, and systems change methods.

His exceptional business acumen and experience have been continuously called upon by companies looking to improve their business and build enterprise software systems. He has a proven track record for successfully managing and coaching teams that deliver enterprise software systems using Agile principles, the Kanban Method, and the Scrum Framework

James is passionate about working with leaders and teams to help them foster a mindset of continuous improvement that is founded upon values of integrity, trust, and respect.

James holds the prestigious Accredited Kanban Trainer designation from Lean Kanban University.

Experience Summary

  • Over 20 years experience working with managers in organizational development
  • Over 7 years in the executive-level position of Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
  • Over 3 years working as a mentor assisting organizations achieve the benefits of Agile