Nica Pourfallah

Nica Pourfallah Leadership Coach & Consultant, Agile/Lean Trainer & Coach

Nica has had substantial experience in training, coaching, and organizational transformation consulting for the past 15 years. During the past decade she has focused primarily on Agile and Lean, and began specializing in Leadership transformation during this time as well. With a Masters degree in Organizational Leadership, Nica has walked alongside organizations and individuals in both the private and public sector on their leadership journeys, as they strengthened and grew in capacity.

Whether engaged in a one-on-one coaching conversation, training in a boardroom over days or weeks, or engrained fully within an organization for a long-term transformation process, Nica brings skill, experience, commitment and focus. Nica’s primary objective and overall goal is to leave her clients in a position where the process of transformation that has begun can be sustainable for them to carry forward independently, and for them to thrive in their continued growth and learning.