Sheriane Dandar

Sheriane Dandar Agile Trainer and Coach

Sheriane displays competent expertise in Agile frameworks and supports companies and their leaders to implement Agile principles to improve their work environment. Sheriane is a strong communicator with a knack for creative writing and editing, which makes her an extremely capable Scrum and Kanban practitioner.

Coaching/Training Highlights:

Sheriane supports her clients with professionalism and passion and is a valuable member of the BERTEIG coaching team.

Education Highlights:

In addition to her Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from Ryerson University, Sheriane is also completing a post-graduate certificate at Humber College in Public Relations. She has five plus years of experience in client service experience, particularly in planning complex special events.

In her studies, Sheriane developed a skill for research and writing, and her interest for social justice aligns closely with the vision and values shared by BERTEIG. One of her goals is to develop her skills to apply Agility for not-for profit organizations.

Experience Summary:

  • Over 10 years of experience communicating effectively between customers and staff
  • Over 5 years practising skills in mentoring people
  • Over 2 years experience applying Agile practices in an administrative capacity


  • Certified Scrum Master®
  • Certified Scrum Product Owner®
  • Advanced Certified Scrum Master® (in-progress)
  • Advanced Certified Product Owner® (in-progress)
  • Team Kanban Practitioner®
  • Kanban System Design®
  • Kanban Systems Improvement®
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