Your time is valuable.

Thank you for trusting us with your time! This page contains three (3) important instructions for your BERTEIG Webinar experience.

1. Confirm your registration.
Check your inbox for the confirmation email from berteig.com. Confirming there is how you will get instructions for connecting to the webinar as well as some valuable pre-webinar resources such as articles and videos.

2. Share our webinars with your network.

Please share our webinars with your friends and colleagues!

3. System Requirements for Webinars

  • We use Zoom for our webinars. If you would like to ask questions during the webinar, you may use the Zoom chat feature. If you stay after the main presentation, you can ask questions verbally as well if you have a microphone.
  • You will receive the Zoom link by email.
  • The presentation materials in the webinar are shared with participants afterwards through a link to Miro, a virtual, collaborative white-boarding service.
  • The video recording of the presentation will be shared with those who have confirmed their registration (see above).

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