Worley/Shell Proposal and Supplementary Information


VIDEO PRESENTATION – Watch this first (YouTube, 16.5 minutes).

The essence of the proposal is a 2-consultant engagement for a period of twelve weeks. This structure allows Worley and Shell to maximize the value of the engagement and ensure high-quality results: an effective plan for taking the agile transformation to the next level.

Consultant 1: Mishkin Berteig, CEO of BERTEIG, part-time. $750/hr.

Consultant 2: TBD (see “Consultant Profiles” below). $250/hr.


A “Transformation Playbook” that includes:

  1. a summary of all data collected from workshops, interviews, surveys, etc.,
  2. an analysis of the data including methods of analysis,
  3. a set of recommendations,
  4. detailed plans / facilitator’s guides, where appropriate,
  5. a brief proposal for implementation support,
  6. expected outcomes against both business and “agility” KPIs,
  7. appendices with additional details.

BERTEIG uses an Agile approach to developing and delivering the Transformation Playbook. There will be three versions of the Transformation Playbook created and billing will occur on the delivery of each version as follows:

Version 0.5 at the end of Week 4 of the engagement.

Version 0.9 at the end of Week 8 of the engagement.

Version 1.0 at the end of Week 12 of the engagement.

There are three options for engaging BERTEIG consultants to deliver the Transformation Playbook:


Mishkin Berteig, 20 hrs/week. Consultant 2 supporting at 20 hrs/week.

Mishkin performs the bulk of the work including running workshops, interviews, surveys, investigations, analysis, and generating recommendations. Consultant 2 focuses on supporting activities such as research, non-critical workshops and interviews, and reviewing documentation.

Total Price: $750/hr x 20 hrs/week x 12 weeks + $250/hr x 20 hrs/week x 12 weeks = $240,000 + applicable taxes and expenses.


Mishkin Berteig, 16 hrs/week. Consultant 2 at 30 hrs/week.

Mishkin performs only the most critical workshops, interviews and focuses on mentoring Consultant 2, analysis and generating recommendations. Consultant 2 takes on the bulk of the workshops and interviews along with supporting activities from OPTION 1.

Total Price: $750/hr x 16 hrs/week x 12 weeks + $250/hr x 30 hrs/week x 12 weeks = $234,000 + applicable taxes and expenses.


Mishkin Berteig, 12 hrs/week. Consultant 2 as Lead Consultant at 40 hrs/week.

Mishkin provides guidance to Consultant 2 focusing on the design of workshops, etc. and collaborates with Consultant 2 on analysis and generating recommendations. Consultant 2 does all the workshops etc. and most of the work of analysis along with activities from OPTION 2.

Total Price: $750/hr x 12 hrs/week x 12 weeks + $250/hr x 40 hours/week x 12 weeks = $228,000 + applicable taxes and expenses.


Mishkin’s portion of the pricing is a fixed fee and his hours will not be tracked nor reported. Consultant 2 will provide time reports at an appropriate interval to work with Worley / Shell. Billing will be according to delivery of versions of the Transformation Playbook as follows:

Version 0.5: 20% of Mishkin’s fee, plus Consultant 2’s hours.

Version 0.9: 50% of Mishkin’s fee, plus Consultant 2’s hours.

Version 1.0: 100% of Mishkin’s fee, plus Consultant 2’s hours.

BERTEIG reserves the right to include a second unscreened BERTEIG consultant-in-training in all activities performed by Mishkin.

BERTEIG will engage with Worley / Shell with BERTEIG branding intact as an independent consultancy.

The following are supplementary materials for the proposal delivered June. 2021.

Sample Deliverables

Sample RAA Report – document

Sample RAA Report – slides

Sample Playbook – document

Sample 1:1 Interview Questions

Consultant Profiles:

Consultant 1:

Mishkin Berteig (London, Canada) – CEO, President of BERTEIG

Consultant 2:

David Vicentin (Toronto) – Senior Consultant


Pedram Malek (Toronto) – Senior Consultant


Jessica Pellow (Calgary) – Senior Consultant

Case Studies

Suncor: Mining Projects Transformation in the Fort McMurray Oil Sands https://berteig.com/clients/suncor/

Equitable Life: Agile Adoption and Transformation https://berteig.com/clients/case-study-equitable-life/

AutoTrader: Agile Digital Transformation https://berteig.com/clients/trader/

Sick Kids Foundation https://berteig.com/clients/sickkids-foundation/

Testimonial Videos

Roche: Agile Transformation https://youtu.be/9S2cw52Vx0I

Scotiabank: Agile Transformation https://youtu.be/twI8ulX_zdw

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